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  • Materials Management

    • Customizable, multi-property units of measure for roll-based flexible material

    • Raw material, W-I-P, and Finished Goods

    • Batch and Roll ID master roll tracking

    • Automated Purchase Orders from your customer's Advance Shipping Notice

    • Barcode or manual receiving roll-by-roll against P.O.

    • Zone (temperature) tracking for prepreg composites from receiving, through manufacture to shipping

    • Zone Tracking via barcode Location Management

  • Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

    • Product Specification Management

    • Production Planning

    • Bills of Material

    • Machine Scheduling

    • Production Management

  • Manufacturing

    • Production Control

    • Splice Position Tracking for Spooled Composites

    • Barcode consumption of high-value raw material

    • Bill of materials consumption

    • Labor Tracking

  • Costing

    • Finished Goods valuation based on material, machine and labor costs

    • Complete inventory valuation for General Ledger reporting

  • Shipping and Invoicing

    • Invoicing reports uploaded to Traverse Accounting

    • Shipping Orders fulfilled and validated by barcode scanning

    • Manufacturing reports uploaded to customer site for accounting integration

  • Sales information integrated with

  • Business Intelligence

    • Sales, Estimated Sales, Inventory, Production and many, many other reports

Custom Software

Custom Software

Prepreg Composites

Prepreg Composites

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation

Medical manufacturing ERP

Medical manufacturing ERP

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence


 Manufacturing Software

Polaris - Reliable Navigation through a sea of information

Currently in service

Polaris is the end-to-end manufacturing software used by Web Industries. Web is an innovative flexible-materials converter and manufacturer serving Fortune 100 companies including aerospace, telecommunications, medical and pharmaceutical industries, emerging markets, and many more. Polaris provides cost-cutting automation, advanced process and business transaction efficiencies, high to low altitude production and profit visibility, and most of all, critical strategic advantage over competitors in meeting specialized customer information needs. Polaris serves over 400 users at four U.S. and one European plant locations.

The features list below demonstrates a fairly common list of features found in many enterprise manufacturing systems.  What makes Polaris uniquely powerful is its nimbleness in keeping up with the Web's customers' information needs.  


Web Industries is a contract manufacturing partner for it's varied customers, converting customer-owned flexible material into components for downstream manufacturing.  The Polaris project has been an on-going, iterative collaboration with Web's customers to create vital two-way information flows tailor fit to Web's customers' unique and evolving processes, information systems and business intelligence needs.

Because these software applications provide competitive advantage, ethical obligations prevent them being available for sale to the public. They are presented here as examples of experience, excellence, and successful implementation.

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