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Polaris is the end-to-end manufacturing software used by Web Industries. Web is an innovative flexible-materials converter and manufacturer serving Fortune 100 companies including aerospace, telecommunications, medical and pharmaceutical industries, emerging technologies, and many more. Polaris provides cost-cutting automation, advanced process and business transaction efficiencies, high to low altitude production and profit visibility, and most of all, critical strategic advantage over competitors in meeting specialized customer information needs. Polaris serves over 400 users at four U.S. and one European plant locations.


Wholesale Produce Sales and Distribution Software

Polaris - Reliable Navigation through a sea of information

Currently in service

'Produce' manages end-to-end purchasing, inventory, sales and distribution for James E. Kilduff, Inc. Kilduff is a fast-paced produce wholesaler serving Boston area supermarket chains, including Roche Bros., known for high quality produce. Customers enter orders in a user-friendly Windows-based program, then upload them for the following day's delivery with a single click. "fresher by far"

Because these software applications provide competitive advantage, ethical obligations prevent them being available for sale to the public. They are presented here as examples of experience, excellence, and successful implementation.

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